Fluid Bed Dryer Bags

Fluid Bed Dryer Bags

Fluid bed dryer bags are made from fabric manufactured by our partnership companies to guarantee quality and consistency. The bags can be: Sewn for specific requirements. Thermowelded on line for a greater dimensional regularity, a better seal, and no stitch hole emissions. Technical Fabrics Engineers offer practical solutions to many filtration problems by working in close contact with both the end user and our own in-house specialists, in accordance with our quality assurance criteria. All our major suppliers are quality assured to I.S.O. Standards, ensuring consistent quality.

Fabric for Fluid Bed Dryer Bags

The wide variety of multi leg dryer types (FBD) available and the numerous types of fabrics suitable for use on powder drying applications within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries requires the use of a data base containing both technical and marketing information which, when integrated with the various manufacturing procedures, provides a complete computerised management system of technical drawings, models and specifications. These records of the equipment design specifications and operating conditions, together with our expedience, are available to Application engineers to assist in their selection of the optimum solution to solve our clients problems. Our experience and knowledge of the use of Fluid Bed Dryers within the Pharmaceutical industries has enabled Technical Fabrics to become a market leader in the manufacture of these, sometimes, complex filter bags.

Complex Filter Bags

Special seams to prevent product leakage, entrapment, and cross contamination.
Use of antistatic fibres within the fabric to reduce explosion risks.
PTFE coated fabrics for increased filtration efficiency and easier product recovery.
Investigations and advice to study critical applications.