Filter Fabrics

Cloths for Centrifugal Machines

Filter cloths for both solid-liquid and solid-gas separation is the result of decades of research and development, along with close co-operation between our Engineers specialising in the various industry sectors. The consistent quality of the fabrics are as a result of constant personnel training and continual updating of our production facilities. Our Sales Engineers have access to a whole database of applications, classified according to the industry and the filter type, special details such as operating conditions and the required performance of the cloth are logged and updated regularly.

Filter Belts - Vacuum

The use of fibres with different chemical and physical properties which are available in staple, multi and monofilament yarns, coupled with variations of the weave and certain specific finishing treatments,can allow for the production of fabrics suited to particular end use sand operating conditions. The table below shows the fibres on offer and some of the characteristics used in determining their uses.

Airslide Belts Chart