Filter Belts - Vacuum

Cloths for Centrifugal Machines

Filter belt cloths for solid-liquid separation is the result of decades of research and development, along with close co-operation between our Engineers specialising in the various industry sectors.

Filter Belts - Vacuum

The consistent quality of the fabrics are as a result of constant personnel training and continual updating of our production facilities.

Filter Fabrics

Filters belts for vacuum filtration are manufactured from a wide variety of fabrics, each suited to a particular application such as Phosphoric Acid, Mining applications and other high specific weight solids filtration.

Cloths for Filter Presses

Technical Fabrics filter belts can be supplied with a number of joint fastening types such as Loop and Hook, clipper joints, both polyester and stainless steel supplied with synthetic pintel wire. Special edge treatments have been developed to reduce edge leakage and assist in the tracking of the belt.

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