Cloths for Filter Presses

Cloths for Centrifugal Machines

Cloths for Filter Presses using the latest technology, including CAD/CAM, guarantees the quality of our products and ensures each type complies with the sizes on engineered drawings and/or samples given to us. Information is stored on application details and the various types of filter press in our database which is used by our Engineers to select the optimum filter cloth. High quality cloths are cut using the latest laser equipment ensuring the consistency of size and fabric quality. The wide range of fabrics produced by our partner companies solves many of the requirements of filter presses used in industrial processes and in environmental plants.

Filter Belts - Vacuum

Cloths for traditional type filters.
Barrel neck cloths for automatic presses up to 2000mm. Barrel neck either cloth or rubber dependant upon application.
Cloths with sealed edges and reinforcements.
Under cloths for drainage.

Using fibres from major producers our fabrics are manufactured with a whole range of permutations allowing the possibility to offer our clients solutions to their filtration problems.
Mechanical and chemical resistance.
Filtration efficiency with adequate flow.
Low cake adhesion to fabric surface.
Our Engineers are available to provide further assistance in selecting a filter cloth to suit Clients' needs.