Cloths for Centrifugal Machines

Cloths for Centrifugal Machines

Cloths for Centrifugal Machines and the special filtration requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, combined with the high mechanical wear on centrifugal cloths, has led to the implementation of a very precise manufacturing technique with well defined components:

Filter Belts - Vacuum

• Eyelet's with braces for lifting the cloth.
• Bar holding sheaths for rapid repositioning.
• Reinforced seams to prevent product leakage.
• Differentiated cone openings for the ease of unloading different products.
Technical Fabrics manufacture cloths for centrifugal machines with either vertical or horizontal rotating axis, with a range of diameters from 400 mm to 2000 mm. The following versions are currently available:-

Filter Fabrics

• Standard cloth - unloading from the top.
• Removable cloth - unloading from the cone.
• Open cloth - unloading from the bottom.
• Bottomless cloth - unloading with a scraper.

Cloths for Filter Presses

All of these types are manufactured from fabrics supplied from our partnership companies, all of whom are accredited to ISO 9000, ensuring total quality satisfaction. Our own in-house manufacturing facility uses best available practice to comply with clients' drawings and/or samples to guarantee repeat orders. Special technical cloths have been developed for the wide variety of applications requiring centrifugal machines, including polypropylene (resistant to acids and alkalis), cotton and other fibres for specific requirements. Synthetic fabrics are usually multifilament yarns to guarantee no fibre migration and, therefore, product contamination. Anti-static fabrics with stainless steel fibres are available for use where electrostatic charges cause problems.